BBDOLL Silicone Sex Doll 168F All-round Evaluation

Excerpted from Dollform China


I bought the 160 version of BBDOLL in November last year. Generally, I thought it was the pinnacle of silicone dolls, so I started looking for other manufacturers. Because I was moving at the end of April this year, I was planning to buy a silicone sex doll after May. What surprised me was that BBDOLL’s 168 came out at the end of April. I didn’t have any expect, but my eyes were bright after seeing the photos! Big long legs, big breasts, the key is no O-shaped legs! As a leg lover, I placed an order again! {:lol:} The price is really cheap! You can also spend it by installment. Even if get scammed, I don’t feel distressed! , Finally shipped after 23 days of waiting. This delivery time is fast for the entire silicone sex doll market. So, after waiting so long, Now let's start the evaluation from head to toe!

Head sculpt

The head sculpture I bought is Aoki, but the official Aoki does not have the 168 option. Because I have Lily, I bought the Aoki. Let’s take a look at my little wife.


The amount of hair transplanted has decreased. I went back to the factory and added the hair, and found that it was still slightly less than Linlin’s hair. The picture may not be obvious.

On the left is the newly bought Aoki, and on the right is the old Lily. You must know that Lily’s hair is not a hundred or eighty, but it is still thicker, and Aoki’s hair is considered normal. Real girls have more or less hair, which is acceptable, but naturally the more hair the better! Maybe it’s because I bought it during the event, the order increased, and the quality decreased. I hope that the manufacturer can guarantee the quality in the future, otherwise it would be self-defeating word-of-mouth.
The new hair transplant also has its advantages, that is, it is more supple. Lily's hair can't be combed at all, but Aoki's hair is fine. The hair is thinner and softer, praise!
Another suggestion is to provide a choice of real human hair. High temperature silk is really easy to knot. Add money to change real human hair. I believe many people will change it, such as me!

Implant eyebrows and eyelashes

On the left is the newly bought Aoki, on the right is the old Lily

It can be seen that the eyebrows have faded, Lily's eyebrows are already very light, and Aoki's is even lighter! Many people have reported the problem of light eyebrows, but the manufacturer has not improved it!
The upper eyelashes are sticky. Aoki's eyelashes are longer and more curled, which is very good!
Lower eyelashes: Linlin's lower eyelashes are transplanted, and Aoki's is sticky. Why does it change from transplanted to sticky? Because Linlin's lower eyelashes are erected and will not bend downward, the effect of planting hair is not ideal. It should be for this reason. The manufacturer switched to sticky ones, but the effect of sticky bottom lashes is also not ideal. It seems that it takes a little effort to make good-looking lashes!


There is no difference between the makeup of the two head sculptures, at least it is invisible to the naked eye, and they are both light makeup. This provides a lot of orders for the makeup artist, haha, it is estimated that it can feed a lot of makeup girls{:titter:}
However, as a player, I still hope that the manufacturer can give better makeup, because the factory makeup is permanent makeup, there is a makeup film, I kiss Linlin’s mouth every day, and the makeup does not fall at all! I don’t know if the makeup artist can also kiss hundreds of times without losing makeup. Even if it can, it takes a long time to arrange the order. If the manufacturer can provide a choice of exquisite makeup, it would be great, and use fine makeup. Isn’t it more eye-catching to promote with photos?

Head Sculpture Section

Number of hair transplants: reduced
Hair transplant suppleness: increase
Eyebrow implantation: faded
Upper eyelashes: longer and more curled
Lower eyelashes: changed from transplanting hair to sticky hair, the effect is not good
Makeup: unchanged


The following is the evaluation of the body. I bought 168F, and 168H is optional. If you like big breasts, you can choose H. F is no longer small and can’t be grasped with one hand.


My old doll Lily is 160D, and the softness of the new baby's breasts has not improved much. It may be because the cup is bigger, the hand feels a little softer, and it can be shaken. You can watch the video:

In the video, I shakes his legs with his hands. When having sex, breast will shake, which is very immersive!

Both the nipples and areola have been optimized. I hope that the depression of the nipples can be made in the future, so that it is more realistic. You can see the picture:


A lot better than my old baby, but there are very few outer yin lips. It depends on personal preference. You can see the picture:

Because 168 has improved the O-shaped leg, the disadvantage is that after the legs are opened, the hole is also opened. This is a common problem of Silicone sex dolls, no matter how expensive the doll is.

The softness of the Vagina is improved. The ass is functional, but the entrance is a bit small. I can't insert it. Maybe my size is too big {:lol:}, I didn't force it, I was afraid of tearing.
The sex experience is significantly improved compared to the old doll. The old doll’s Vagina is too wide and only the entrance is wrapped. The new 168 Vagina also has a sense of wrapping and is softer overall. The thighs and buttocks have also become soft, but they are not very soft. If you are a sex lover, you can add 100USD to add soft buttocks and thighs, and sex should be more enjoyable. I didn't increase the softness, because my doll is mainly in a sitting position, and the buttocks have to be harder to prevent deformation.

Mold line

The mold line of the BBDOLL has always been excellent. The children of 40,00USD to 50,00USD including the 60,00USD silicone real dolls, also have mold lines. This is how the BBDOLL maintains it. You can watch the video:

I believe you have seen a lot of sex dolls with overturned mold lines. Why can the BBDOLL do it so fine? Because a worker trims the mold line of two babies a day, it is conceivable that if you work 8 hours a day, it will take 4 hours to build a mold line of a sex doll. This kind of boring and repetitive work is really impossible for ordinary people to do. BBDOLL may not have great skills, but the mold cutting line is serious! {:titter:}Why do other sex dolls often roll over? As long as the workers are lazy, you can only cut your baby's mold line by yourself{:lol:}


The skeleton has been significantly improved compared to the old doll, and the arms are more flexible. The old doll’s arm really needs the strength of milk to move, you can watch the video of the XIAOFU! The old doll’s thighs are very loose and will rebound, while the new doll’s thighs are tight and will not rebound. On the whole, playing with dolls is more flexible!


Because my camera is not good, I can't get the effect, the painting is quite satisfactory, and the whole body is painted, which is a little better than the old doll.
Continue to observe the durability of the painting. The painting of the old doll is very firm. After taking several baths, there is almost no makeup off. Unlike some dolls, the painting is gone after a few washes. Only Nako often rubs off her makeup, I believe that the new doll's painting will only be better.


Compared with the old doll, the oil output has been significantly reduced. The old doll's hands are greasy after fiddle, but the new doll will not. Maybe I stand without nails, and the hands and feet are hardened. The oil is lower, and there is almost no oil on the hands and feet of the doll!
The touch of the skin is also improved. The old doll’s skin is very sticky and sticky, but the new doll does not. The hand feel is completely different. It seems that the silicone material has been optimized


Not much to say, look at the picture:

And this the video.

That's all.