160CM/165CM Sex Dolls

160cm Female Real Sex Dolls

Welcome to JoyBBDoll online shop. For most Americans, 160cm sex girls are the most ideal girlfriends. You can put them in your arms and call them honey. When you go out shopping with your girlfriend, 160cm sex dolls looks especially suitable for you.

Customize Your Realistic Sex Dolls

Here, no matter how high the life size sex doll you need, as long as you decide the style of the female love doll, we can customize it for you.

These tall sex dolls are perfect for the buyer looking for the most realistic sex doll experience. The average woman in the world in about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Getting a large sex doll that is taller than 5 feet will enhance the lifelike factor as she will be the same height as a real woman.

Your tall sex doll will ship from our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen via DHL or UPS express air shipping. Shipping is FREE. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the live chat or email (zhucaizhong@chunshuitang.com).