10 reasons why sex dolls are better than girlfriends

10 Gründe, warum Sexpuppen besser als Freundinnen sind

Sex doll better than a girlfriend

1. Sex dolls are much cheaper than real girls
Yes, you have to pay a little money to bring them home. But you don't have to take them with you to eat expensively, go on vacation abroad, etc. That's really a relief.

2. Don't waste any more time finding the right girl
It is difficult to find a suitable girl in real life and many people are eager to find a girl online. But that's never easy. You must be prepared to be rejected many times. Of course, the girl you see in real life might not be as beautiful as a doll.

3. Sex dolls won't give you a headache - no drama
You can never understand what a girl is thinking. They're a bit like beings on Mars. You can come up with millions of scripts beyond your imagination. Sex dolls would not do this. They are calm and treat you very well.

Best sex doll for man

4. TheLove doll will never betray you
Many men dream of having a sexy and beautiful girlfriend, but it is unlikely. The worst thing is men are afraid their girlfriends are cheating on them especially when their girlfriends are too hot. It's cruel to happen like this. Sex dolls will not treat you like this. They are yours and will obey you.

5. The life of a sex doll will never say no to you
We see that many women are not interested in oral sex. The worst thing is that more and more women are losing interest in sex due to many reasons such as: B. because they work hard, put children first, lose interest in sex after childbirth, and so on. In the end, you may have to give up yourself. You will never turn down sex dolls. You want her to speak oral English for you, or you want to do costume drama tonight, she will do it for you.

6. Sex doll won't get pregnant
If you don't want to have children for any reason then sex dolls are your best choice because they will never bring monsters again and tease the real you.

never leave you alone sex doll

7. If you ejaculate prematurely, theReal dolls will not underestimate you
It is not surprising that many men experience premature ejaculation for various reasons. The man is nothing to blame. However, men are psychologically painful because they are afraid that their girls will look down on them. Sex dolls will never look down on you, they adore you more than anyone.

8. Sex Dolls Don't Spread STDs
It has never been easy for women to find another man, especially with the advent of dating apps. You'll never find out they carry STDs and are stigmatized, but you'll never know until you find out. Sex dolls will not treat you like this. They are safe and clean.

9. Sexy doll is listening to you
You may be under a lot of pressure in your life and you are hoping someone will listen to you. It is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to find someone who is willing to listen to you, and they go easily. Love dolls are different. They will sit patiently and listen to your voice and will always be your best companions. They won't leave you alone.

10. The sex doll is so beautiful and more attractive than any girl you can find
Who doesn't like pretty girls? How are you? But that doesn't mean that you will find a beautiful girl. All men like sexy and beautiful young girls.Sex dolls can make your dreams come true, you can choose how you want her to look like, and you can change her looks from time to time, if you get bored, you can even replace them with new ones or buy some for the company. It couldn't be better!
What are you waiting for? Find a sexy doll girlfriend!


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