Silicone sex doll, the fitting guide

Anleitung zur Anpassung von Sexpuppen

Adaptation of the sex doll

You have finally decided to get a realistic sex doll. You've browsed a wide range of dolls and found the perfect one for you: your dream silicone sex doll. However, you are suddenly overwhelmed by all the customization options and possibilities of the sex doll.

Standing feet, removable vagina, hollow breasts? What do all these options mean and which one is right for you?

Read our detailed and direct guide to find out!


The size of your sex doll is an important decision. It determines how tall she is, how much she weighs, and what her build is. As a rule of thumb, the larger the doll, the heavier it is. Larger dolls tend to be more expensive as well. Since heads and bodies can be mixed and matched, it's a good idea to focus on height, weight, and body first. Typically, manufacturers have already chosen the best head-body combinations for their photos.


Sex dolls are usually heavier than most people think. For example, a 150cm doll will typically weigh around 30-32kg (66-70lbs) and a 170cm doll will typically weigh around 40+ kg (88+lbs, up to 120+lbs). It may not sound too bad, but sex dolls are all dead weight and much harder to lift than a real person. Sex dolls also have an awkward weight distribution so it can be a struggle. If you have back problems, it is best to choose a smaller doll due to the weight. Dolls over 130cm or 140cm should still feel perfectly natural for sex and companionship, regardless of your height.

Eye and skin color

This is pretty self-explanatory and doesn't need much explanation. Most sex dolls have eye and skin color customization. Just choose the color you like the most. Note that skin color in photos is sometimes misleading due to the professional lighting used. Try to find factory photos or customer photos of the doll to get a better idea of ​​the color.
The eyes can be easily taken out and swapped out, allowing you to experiment with different colors, but the skin color is permanent and cannot be changed become.

foot type

There are 2 different foot types: normal foot and standing foot. As the name suggests, Normal Feet cannot stand while Standing Feet can stand. How can the Standing Feet stand, you might ask? Because there are metal screws attached to the footplate, which can support the doll's weight.

We recommend the Standing Feet option

Here is a simple diagram of the metal plate in the feet of the sex doll. Sex dolls with normal feet should never stand, otherwise the weight of the doll will crush the TPE material under the metal plate and damage the feet. The feet, on the other hand, have bolts (visible from below) that can support the doll's weight without damaging the feet. The screws absorb the weight so the TPE material underfoot is unaffected.

The reason we recommend the Standing Feet option is because it offers so many more options. You can set up your doll for posing, photo shoots, sex positions and storage. With the Normal Feet option, your doll can only sit and lie down.Many possibilities will be lost and feet will be damaged if for any reason the doll is placed in a standing position. In the long run, the Standing Feet option will improve your experience many times over.

Note: Some silicone manufacturers now offer Standing Without Bolts, an option where the foot material is hardened to support the doll's weight. It looks like normal feet but feels much harder. It works very well, but if left for too long it can still damage the bottom of the feet.

sex doll - vagina type

There are 2 types of vaginas: removable and built-in (fixed) vaginas. Detachable vaginas can be inserted into and removed from the sex doll's vaginal cavity. It can therefore be easily removed after use, cleaned and replaced in the event of breakage. Built-in vaginas are built into the doll, i. H. they are permanently attached and cannot be removed. They usually look more realistic since they are built in, but that comes at a cost. It's a lot more work to clean a built-in vagina since it's attached to the doll. Cleaning usually consists of rinsing and rinsing the vagina with water over a pot or bucket, or in a tub, and then drying it thoroughly. Many owners of dolls with a built-in vagina use condoms to have sex with their doll to save themselves the trouble of cleaning it.

Removable vagina (insert) Advantages Disadvantages:

+ Easy to clean, replaceable
May not look or feel as realistic. Some sex doll owners reported that they could feel the insert moving inward during use. Tends to be noticeably narrower than the built-in.

Because the removable insert extends beyond the entrance of the vagina, there is about an inch of free space at the entrance that you have to go through (a disadvantage depending on the size).

Built-in vagina (fixed) Advantages Disadvantages:

+ Looks and feels more realistic
Harder to clean, material may tear and is not replaceable
We recommend Built-in Vagina. They tend to be more detailed, look and feel more realistic, and aren't as tight as the Removable. It may be more difficult to clean, but most doll owners prefer this option.

Breast type

There are 3 breast types: Solid, Hollow and Gel-Filled (not all brands offer Gel-Filled). Solid breasts are filled with the same TPE material as the sex doll skin. They are called solid because the entire chest is filled with the TPE material. Hollow breasts have an air pocket in the chest, hence the name hollow. The hollow inside of the breasts allows you to squeeze the breasts together more easily, making them feel softer and squispier, resulting in more bounce and jiggling. Gel filled breasts are filled with very soft gel that feels extremely realistic. They're jiggly like hollow breasts, natural weight, and much nicer to the touch, but usually cost extra.

Right now our personal ranking is from best to worst Gel-Filled, Hollow, Solid. However, the size of the breasts also plays a role.

Different breast consultations

Solid breasts are usually used for smaller breasts (B/C cups and below) as there is not enough space to form the air bubble or fill the breasts with gel. That's not a bad thing, because small breasts are the most realistic than solid.Hollow breasts are usually used for larger breasts (C/D cup and above) Gel-Filled is a new option and is also available for large breasts (but not for extremely large breasts, otherwise it will burst during shipping or the breasts will be too strong can complain).

So the general rule of thumb is: Small Breasts = Firm, Large Breasts = Hollow or Gel Filled. Some doll owners also prefer firm large breasts, which is a personal preference and also adds a bit of weight. Between gel-filled and hollow breasts, gel-filled is usually better. It generally feels a lot nicer and more realistic than Hollow. It also adds a bit of natural weight compared to Hollow. Hollow is still good if you don't want to spend the extra money on Gel-Filled

Note: Since gel breasts add some weight to the breasts, it is best to keep the breasts supported (e.g. with a bra) so that the weight does not lift the breasts off the doll pulls/tears.


Most doll brands offer a variety of wigs. These are wigs that they have kept in their warehouses, ready to be included in all of their doll orders. You will find that some brands do not offer the wig shown in the photos. Many companies hire professional photographers who use their own makeup and wigs and are therefore not offered by the factory. Some brands like Doll Forever and Piper Doll come with all the wigs shown in the photos. In any case, you should ask your provider. The wigs are easily donned to your doll like a hat and can be easily changed and replaced. Since most manufacturers' wigs are of rather poor quality, you will probably buy a different wig elsewhere.

pubic hair

Many doll brands offer pubic hair options. This is not a very popular option. Most people choose not to have pubic hair. If you choose to have public hair added, there is usually a fee involved, and then the public hair is implanted in the area of ​​the skin. Unlike a wig, the public hair cannot be removed. Ask the seller or factory for a sample photo of the pubic hair, as most of the time they don't look good. It can also fall out like all implanted hairs.

Finger nail/toe nail color

Almost all doll brands have the same color options for fingernails and toenails. Colors typically include natural pink or nude/flesh colors (see above) and nail polish colors (see below). Note that the finger and toenail color is not painted on. The fingernail material itself is colored, i. H. if you choose pink, it will always be pink (it does not wash off). Choose the one you like the most.

Other cosmetic options for your sex doll

Most doll brands also offer additional cosmetic options such as areola color and size, labia color, and more. These are pretty self explanatory. All of these cosmetic options are temporary. Like the doll's makeup, they are painted on and eventually peel off and need to be reapplied.

There are also many brand-specific options. Some brands offer options that other brands don't, like Sino Doll's special RRS makeup, which is expensive and I don't think it's worth it as it's only temporary. Also, one should never get an electronic add-on like heater, moaning system, etc. The electronic add-ons are really bad.Doll makers are good at making dolls but terrible at electronics, so don't pay more for the electronic options. If you want to warm your doll, use an electric blanket.

Certainly silicone sex doll is better than TPE material in terms of heat resistance. You can follow the article :TPE vs silicone sex dolls. What are the best sex dolls?

More choices for your sex doll

Many silicone sex doll manufacturers now offer the option with implanted hair. It's expensive but looks more natural than a wig. Personally I would not recommend it as it will eventually fall off and fall out due to implantation and it is more difficult to clean as it is attached to the doll's head. Due to the material, it will last longer on silicone heads compared to TPE heads, but keep in mind that the hair can still fall out at some point. It looks great for photography and better than sticking with a wig in my opinion.

We hope you learned a lot about doll customization from this article! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment beforehand and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.


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