Because are you exploring your most optimal position to possess sex with a sex doll?

Denn erkundest du deine optimalste Position, um Sex mit einer Sexpuppe zu besitzen?

Sex doll best sex position
The first time you get it in with von Sex Doll it can probably feel very awkward. She may LOOK right, but of course she isn't and doesn't like to conform or move with you. You have to figure everything out for both of you.

Obviously what makes this difficult is that sex dolls are usually pretty heavy. We're talking about dead weight here, so it takes practice to make things effortless.

Also, dolls can put in just about any position this human girl might get into. Some are actually more flexible than a lot of real girls out there.

It's up to you, by willful intent and error, to figure out what positions work best. Here are some guides on what to try:


Missionary is the most popular sex position, and doll fun is no exception. For many doll owners, this position is the first choice as it puts the least stress on the puppet and is easy to do of course!

Simply choose the flat surface and lay your doll on her back with her legs spread .

Call me boring, but I can choose the bed or at least a sofa. Soft surfaces are always more comfortable and also safer for your doll.

Okay, if you want to screw on the floor or a game table, do it, just make sure nothing cuts your doll's skin.

The committee depends on your personal experience and preferences. Explore how far you can bend her legs, how far you can spread them, what the ideal angle is. Trying is part of the fun!

Spooning best sex doll position


Spoon is the second most popular sex position for doll users. It doesn't weigh you and the doll down and is easily locked to enter. It's lucky if your doll is on the heavier S.

Heavier dolls are usually those that have larger curves. The spoon position also lets you caress her amazing breasts.

Doggy bset sex doll position

Doggy style

The doggy pose is very easy to set up, but you should be careful not to put too much stress on your doll's joints.

For example, you don't carry her weight on her hands. Bend her further forward so that she is resting on properly flared elbows or breasts. Place some pillows under her for support.

Sometimes you lose a few inches of depth when penetrating your doll's vagina with this position. But again, it depends, because flexible her waist is real. If you have that hard nut (colloquial), just pick the anal orifice instead.

Pro Tip

Remember not to put your weight on them! Dolls are not designed to carry more weight than their own.

Bent over best sex doll position


This is very similar to doggy style - you position your doll slightly over a table or similar and step into it from the side behind. This works best when your doll has sexy feet.

You can also give your doll all kinds of high heels. This one is sexy and it will make her a little taller. Most dolls are petite, which can be a challenge for taller men. Paragraphs might help with this problem.


Very funny, but also very raunchy. After all, you do all the work. You must also be strong enough to move 50 pounds up and down.

Be careful not to hurt each other - you don't want all that weight to fall right on your private parts situation Yes, I know you felt rushed reading this.

I must admit, however, that cowgirls exist THE. BEST. LOOK.

The boobs have this very realistic bouncing, and we all love some tit bouncing! If you want the same view, you better train.

Oral sex positions

If you're a fan of a good blowjob, there are two positions you can insure with your doll.

Put your puppet on the corner in front of you. The easiest way would be if you pose them on (Berliner) the bed. The best way to do this is to lay her on her back, bring her legs to a kneeling position, and then lower her to the floor.
Place the doll on her blizzard and bend her waist and her throat as far back as possible. Then slide under them so that their head is in your lap.

Hot Tip

If you want to make the experience even more exciting, why not combine playing with your doll with VR POV porn?

Place your doll in position , where the actress from the VR video is near and go to the city. Try syncing with this action on the display. Sounds fun right?

This works best for short video clips where the position doesn't change, so you don't have to take off your headset and reposition your doll in any way.


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