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Have you been wondering whether or not you should buy a sex doll? There can be many reasons holding you back. We collect frequently asked questions from customers.

1. Are sex dolls as good as real women?

Sex dolls are usually identical to humans because of their appearance and how they are made. They are made of several materials, but among all materials, silicone stands out. These dolls are mainly used for sex purposes, but some people also use them as companions for their solitude. These dolls work well as real women because they contain sexual parts just like real girls, such as vagina, mouth and bottom etc. Any other body part can be embedded as required.

2. Use of sex dolls

It is good to know what purposes people usually use sex dolls for. Some people only use it for sex purposes due to rejection from their partners. As a result, they found their happiness in sex dolls. Some people use sex dolls for photography, for example to make them models for their photo shoots when they cannot afford to hire a read model. These dolls are also used as love partners. Alone, people make these dolls their family and are proud and happy to spend time with them.

3. Customization of sex dolls

Sex doll customization is very important as everyone wants different characteristics from their sex partners. These dolls can be of different genders such as female, male and transgender dolls. Then other body characteristics such as eye color, hair, body weight, body color, i. H. whether Asian or African or any other type, can be customized. The sex doll dealers offer different categories to choose a sex doll from. They can be individually adjusted according to body weight. People usually demand long hair, a good figure, a young doll with enormous breasts). Some other body features are optional, such as body hair, fat on the abdomen and bumps, birthmarks, and elongations. It all depends on the desires of the users.

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4. Is it weird to have a sex doll?

Buying a sex doll is not weird at all. It mainly depends on people's sexual and psychological desires. Some people used sex dolls because they were rejected by their partners or girlfriends. They are afraid of dealing with girls and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy their custom made sex doll. Some doll owners take pride in showing off their sex dolls at parties or family events. On the other hand, it is also humbling for some users to get to know their sex dolls. Whoever dares to buy these dolls must possess them without hesitation.

5. Should I invest in a sex doll?

Investing in a sex doll is not bad if it brings you joy and peaceful moments. Some people find it offensive to have a sex doll and do their best to hide this secret from others. It's good to buy a sex doll if your sex life is distorted. These dolls can bring you more fun in sex and never let you feel alone. You can order custom-made dolls of your choice, and these dolls will never turn you down and disappoint you in the bedroom.

6. Should I buy a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll?

There are many variations in the choice of material for sex dolls. Some people are very conscious of the dolls' appearance and skin color. They want their sex partners to be absolutely perfect. The low or poor quality doll may suddenly let down your sexual emotions.There are two main materials used to make sex dolls and they include silicone and TPE. Among these, silicone is best, but it is also expensive. Silicone sex dolls provide real-time sex feelings and are easy to use. Also cleaning silicone sex doll is very easy.

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7. Where to buy and can they be trusted?

The internet is full of suppliers that claim to be the best sex doll manufacturer. Some offer sex dolls at low prices, others at relatively high prices. There is something somewhat technical about choosing the right provider. It is not always true that suppliers who offer sex dolls at cheap prices are good manufacturers. It can be the opposite as the low prices can be seen as a scam indicator. The internet is also full of scammers. There are some tips you can follow before buying a sex doll

  • Before you buy a sex doll, you must read the site reviews.
  • Comments from previous customers can greatly assist you in purchasing these dolls.
  • To avoid sex doll scams, make sure you are not buying directly from Chinese retailers.
  • Try to buy an expensive small doll as the cheap dolls usually have imperfections and can be a scam.
  • Before purchasing a sex doll from a website, try contacting the website's customer service. If they reply within 2 days, it means they are serious sellers.
  • Check the doll inventory on the website carefully. It is proof that they have a large supply of dolls in their warehouse.
  • Choose the company that offers instant shipments of sex dolls.
  • Make sure the sex dolls you buy from represent genuine brands. Usually, brands are very aware of the quality of their products and will try their best to ship good products to keep their good reputation.
  • Avoid buying from the huge discount offers.

8. How long can the doll last?

The average lifespan of a good sex doll is three to eleven years. However, their lifetime also depends on various factors which are given as follows;

  • Material of the puppets. Silicone sex dolls usually last longer.
  • How much the doll is used.
  • Protection of dolls from harsh services.
  • The use of lubricant. The oil-based lube is the cause of damage to silicone dolls, so it's good to use water-based lube.
  • Puppet cleaning method.
  • Proper storage of the doll is also very important.

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