FAQ all about silicone sex dolls

FAQ alles über Silikon-Sexpuppen

1. How long does the silicone sex doll last with good care?

Usually about 3-5 years.

2. Can the silicone sex doll be stressed in one place for a long time?

Do not stay in one position for a long time, you can change positions every three or five days, lie on your side, lie on your back, etc .If not used for a long time, please hang up your body for storage. and put a dust cover on the outside. as the picture shows:

how to store your sex doll
Silicone sex dolls
3. Can the silicone sex doll stand up?

Of course. Customers who choose the hard foot option can stand without nails; while TPE dolls can stand with three nails on the soles of their feet.
4. How often should the silicone doll be powdered?

It is best to powder the silicone doll once a month, otherwise it will stick together if there is too much oil.

5. How to take care of the wig?

You can use shampoo and then apply some conditioner to make it softer.

6. After coloring the sex doll, is the color removing cream also corrosive?

The color removing cream is slightly corrosive to the doll, so it is not easy to use, and the coloring cannot be fixed.
7. How is silicone sex dolls disposed of?

Processing of second-hand trading platforms

It may be offered for sale on second-hand trading platforms or forums. Some losses can also be made up in this way. The related problem is that the logistics cost is high and there is a need to wait for a buyer to buy it. This method is not feasible for some customers who are anxious to deal with it. Some colored silicone dolls are even more difficult to handle on the market.

Throw away

This is also a relatively large project, and you need to prepare a bag and a knife. The inside of the doll consists of a steel construction and can be disassembled. Cut along the skeleton with scissors, cut the material other than the skeleton into pieces and burn or throw in the trash can. Don't throw the whole doll in a sack and throw it on the street. Others will see it and will think it's a murder...

Manufacturer Recycling

In fact, the silicone material is not recyclable like TPE. TPE can be reused after being remelted. So the silicone sex dolls cannot be recycled by the manufacturers.
Caution: Do not buy reprocessed TPE dolls, which are repeatedly used by hot melting, which not only has a short service life, but also has great negative effects on your health.

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