Silicone sex doll INTERVIEW WITH "Uncle Chun" the most realistic silicone sex dolls with lowest price

Lin Degang, founder of Chunshuitang (Joybbdoll): AI technology makes sex toys more "sentimental"

In 1977, the well-known Japanese doll manufacturer "Oriental Industry" also produced the first "top quality silicone dolls". His clientele at the time were mostly disabled and elderly people living alone.

Early dolls were mostly made of vinyl and rubber, and the body skin was relatively hard plastic. The appearance of the dolls was too crude to describe and the materials contained many carcinogenic compounds such as vinyl chloride.

Latex dolls appeared in the late 1980s; in the early 1990s there were modular dolls, but the torso would not flex; and later there were physical dolls that could be manipulated at will.

However, for a long time, the main markets and manufacturers of physical dolls were concentrated in Japan, Europe, and the United States. Since the last century, China has mainly been OEM for foreign doll companies.

A silicone doll that has been disguised.

It was only in the 21st century that the country began to develop and produce its own dolls and well-known domestic brands such as DSDOLL (now EXDOLL) emerged. Since 2010, more high-quality domestic physical doll brands such as Junying Doll, Shuruibao and Levanou have appeared.

After the market boomed, some companies started to produce physical dolls with celebrity faces. Such image rights violations have been repeatedly banned.

But it is undeniable that with the development of the Internet and multiculturalism, physical dolls have been favored by young people. According to data from the Business Data Center of China Business News, in 2019 the main consumer of sex toys in online malls will be dominated by young people after the 90s and 95s, where consumer preferences are more focused on physical dolls.

Moreover China-made adult doll export has increased more than 100% since the new crown epidemic. Liang Xiao told reporters that the current physical dolls are infinitely close to real people: "For example, with the addition of a human body with a constant temperature of 37 degrees, touch and sound, there are even mature AI dolls abroad."
Enter the Chinese market with high cost performance
Public information shows that Chunshuitang has four main business areas: sex toys, love hotels, sexual health and silicone dolls (super simulation companion). From September this year, Chunshuitang began to mass produce and sell silicone dolls. The company expects the product to sell 40,000 to 60,000 next year, with sales of about 200 to 300 million yuan.

Lin Degang, a graduate of the Faculty of Physics of Nankai University, has worked as an engineer and opened a restaurant. As a serial entrepreneur, Chunshuitang is his third entrepreneurial project, hence the name "Uncle Chun". At that time, it was still an era where gender reassignment was talked about. Chunshuitang can be called the founder of the sex toy market to some extent.

Uncle Chun introduced reporters that Chunshuitang started producing silicone dolls in 2017, and only this year officially started mass production, and put a lot of energy into manufacturing of products. "Although we already had the craftsmanship to make silicone dolls, doing it well wasn't easy.There are several important points: one is to make it beautiful, including the skin, pores and blood vessels are clearly visible, and the other is to make you feel like a real person. The third is not to be too heavy."

Uncle Chun is frank, it is not easy to make this silicone doll "high-priced". When developing a new silicone doll, there is a manual cutting process, which takes 10 hours and the cost is about 200 yuan. We wanted in this regard once save cost and let the workers speed up 2 or even 3 trimmings in 10 hours, but found the results were not satisfactory, so we had to insist on completing this process in 10 hours and look for other links.Control costs. "We insist on reducing costs by ensuring quality, and will never make inferior products to save money." At present, the weight of Main stream silicone dolls generally 35-40 kg. It took Chunshuitang 9 months to make it in 2018. The research and development of weight loss, under the same number, reduce weight by 30% compared to competitors.

According to the data, most Chinese brand silicone dolls cost between 15,000 and 30,000 yuan, while Japanese and European and American brand silicone dolls usually cost up to 7,000 US dollars, while Chunshuitang's silicone dolls are sold for 6,000 yuan in China. About $2,000 in Europe, America and Japan. Uncle Chun pointed out that silicone dolls are positioned as high-end niche luxury goods, and Chunshuitang will use 10% of the price to let more users enjoy the quality of first-class silicone dolls.

"Interesting soul" is the future development direction
Uncle Chun believes that the past ten years have been the period of qualitative improvement in the domestic sex toy market. Sex toys have more technological properties. The development of artificial intelligence technology, or the greatest role of super simulation partners, is not to solve the user's physiological needs, but emotions. Claim "If silicone dolls can communicate emotionally with users, users will also have different feelings for the dolls. In the next 3-5 years, some artificial intelligence and VR/AR technologies could make breakthroughs in this industry. into sex toys After importing the data of a specific character into the doll, the doll immediately has a soul."

It is reported that in the future, in addition to silicone dolls, Chunshuitang will also launch a super-simulated companion robot. In addition to the experience of silicone dolls, it can also communicate with users. After physical contact, the robot will also provide verbal feedback. Bring an experience closer to real human emotions. Uncle Chun also revealed to reporters that Chunshuitang will weaken the toy e-commerce vertical business in the future and "will use new channels to achieve breakthroughs".
Joybbdoll joined the biggest adult erotic exhibition in Guangzhou
According to Chunshuitang's plan, the silicone dolls will target the lower quality tpe doll market, and the 3000-5000 yuan tpe doll market will harvested at the same price and will quickly take about 30% of the market share of physical dolls.Once Audi reaches Alto's price, Alto's market is away, and it is also a consumption upgrade for users.

Relevant data shows that in China every year about 500,000 physical silicone dolls made of TPE material, priced at 3,000-5,000 yuan to be sold. In the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries, physical silicone dolls made of TPE material are sold at a price of 1.000 US dollars sold and the annual sales volume is about 1.5 million Judging from these data alone, there is much room for imagination of Chunshuitang silicone dolls in the future.

Lin Degang told reporters that silicone dolls and super-bionic companion robots have become the core direction of the company. He hopes that doll sales will reach 60,000 in 2021.


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