Personalize your dream sex doll from Joybbdoll the most realistic silicone sex dolls with lowest price

Personalize your dream sex doll by Joybbdoll

Every man has his perfect dream woman. While it's hard to have the perfect girlfriend or wife in real life, you don't have to worry anymore because Joybbdoll can help you have a dream girl by making a sex doll make. Joybbdoll provides 10 kinds of choices to customize a sex doll sequence.

  • Step 1. First, let's choose the height of sex doll;
  • Step 2. Select the head and face of the sex doll.

  • Step 3. Choose hair type;

  • Step 4. Choose skin color;

  • Step 5. Choose breast size;

  • Step 6. You can even choose Areola Color;

  • Step 7. Select hand and finger type;

  • Step 8. Select vagina type;

  • Step 9. With pubic hair or not;

  • Step 10. Feet with standing function or not.

First, let's select the height of the sex doll.

custom sex doll

There are 5 different heights to choose from 145cm, 150cm, 160cm, 165cm and 168cm.

Step 2. Select the head and face of the sex doll.

There are more than 30 head/face styles to choose from. In general, they fall into two different types. One is the Asian head, the other is the European/US head. Of course, most people like European/American heads, while few prefer Asian/Japanese heads.

custom sex doll head

Step 3. Select hair type

All of our sex dollsn are made of silicone. We can implant hair on the head just like human hair. You'll never experience the embarrassment of "wig slipping" during the sweet time that's yours and your sex doll.

Step 4. Choose skin color

We can make different skin colors on sex dolln. The most popular colors are the natural color and caramel/tan color. Some people prefer the caramel/tan color as it looks healthy and sexy. Well, maybe you have a similar feeling.

custom sex doll color

Step 5. Choose breast size

Not all people like big breasts, some prefer small ones. We offer many choices in breast size from B cup to H cup. You will find the perfect one for you. The exact cup size is included in the title and description of each sex doll.

Step 6. You can even choose Areola Color

You can choose 4 kinds of areola colors. A pink areola can come from a young sexy girl, while a mature or sexy lady can have a brown areola, you can choose the right one according to your interest.

Step 7. Select hand and finger type

custom sex doll hand

The default hand type is soft and uses the same processing as the body. Some people prefer a slightly hard hand (we updated the hard hand type last year 2020.) The hard hand type is more durable than the soft one.

We upgraded the fingers to articulated skeleton fingers.The fingers have become more flexible and can perform more movements. The articulated skeleton fingers can be made for the 150cm sex doll or larger. The 145 cm tall sex dollhand is too small to use the skeleton fingers

Step 8. Select vagina type

There are two types of vaginas. One of them is the built-in body type, which is non-posable and gives the most realistic feeling like a real lady, although the downside is that it's a bit difficult to wash and dry. Another is the movable type. It is easy to clean and dry. Well, we've found that most people prefer the built-in body type.

Step 9. With pubic hair or not

The pubic hair is built in. Some people prefer sex dollsn with pubic hair as they find this a sexy attraction, while most don't

Step 10. Feet with standing function or not

The stand function is crucial for many people. They like to put makeup on the sex doll, take a picture of her. The sex doll's stand function allows for more actions. Here at Joybbdoll, most of the customers who choose sex dolln with standing function will find.


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