How do you store your sex doll to increase its longevity?

Wie lagern Sie Ihre Sexpuppe, um ihre Langlebigkeit zu erhöhen?

Keeping your sex doll in top condition is a very serious business - after all, sex dolls are quite an investment.

When not playing, keep your girl in a neutral position up so you don't put unnecessary strain on his joints. It's best to hang them in a sturdy closet.

sex doll

You can also use the crate it came in, especially if it's a wooden one.

Just put it in the crate and place it somewhere, maybe even under your bed. Be sure to surround them with soft materials such as blankets and pillows, just as you would when packing expensive and delicate items.

Some sellers offer special chests for sex storage Dolls that look fancier and can be part of your interior design. They're also very discreet - anything could be hiding in that chest!

sex doll

Your sex doll should not be kept in positions that put too much pressure on her soft areas like her buttocks or her breasts. They may flatten or otherwise deform over time, especially if it's made of TPE.

Make sure your girl is comfortable when you're away and I promise you'll have years of fun together

Some minor damage, such as small cracks or breaks, are to be expected, especially if you get very wild in the bedroom. Don't worry - you can fix almost all of them yourself! You can purchase a repair kit from most vendors.

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