How to add more reality when using your sex doll?

Wie kann man mehr Realität hinzufügen, wenn man seine Sexpuppe verwendet?

1. Pornhub Videos

If you want to make your experience even more exciting, why not try playing with your doll with porn videos?

Place your doll in the position where the actress is located in the video. Try to sync up with the on-screen action. You can make your dream woman come true!

Let your imagination and your intuition run free, you will reach the top of the mountain!

Sex Doll

2. Sexy Outfit

If you're into sexy outfits, you'll have lots of fun dressing your sex doll in flattering clothing, lingerie, or jewelry.

Many sellers offer clothing for her dolls - check if something is available for your girl.

If you can't find anything on the website you got your doll from, most clothing stores will too. Online retailers often list the measurements of each of their sizes.

Remember that women's size S (or whatever) is not the same in every store. Adjusting the vanity is annoying, but it's also a topic for another article - the point is: always double check that you're getting the right size for your doll's measurements.

Avoid going too cheap and synthetics, and avoid dark clothing. Colors can bleed and damage your doll's skin, especially if it's made of TPE, which rubs off easily.

3. Perfume

Perfume is one of the sexy things a woman can wear, so why not apply a sensual scent to your love doll too?

Do not spray directly on the skin to avoid damage. Instead, it's best to perfume your clothes and hair - that way it lasts longer!

4. Hair

Brush the wigs of your Sex Doll regularly. If they're synthetic, they can be washed with either shampoo OR detergent, and it's best to use fabric softener as a conditioner.

But don't wash them often -- only if they get too tangled, and you have to you really!

Similar to outfits, changing a doll's hairstyle can be a very fun activity. If you want some variety, get several wigs of different colors and lengths - it could really change your girl's look!

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