Silicone sex doll or TPE sex doll, which is better and how to choose?

Silikon-Sexpuppe oder TPE-Sexpuppe, was ist besser und wie soll man wählen?

1. Distinguish from touch

Silicone sexdolls generally feel a bit harder, while TPE sexdolls are very soft; Of course, silicone dolls can also be made quite soft, but the cost will increase greatly. Therefore, they are currently made in domestic doll factories in 0 grades, which can be pinched but are tougher than TPE soft dolls. Our BBdoll has been continuously improved and key areas like breasts and vagina have become softer and more comfortable than TPE.

2. Distinguish from texture

The detail expression of silicone sex doll is better than TPE doll, because the material is a little harder, the expression will be better. Some simulated hand patterns and details can only be shown by silicone sex dolls, and TPE soft rubber dolls don't work well.

3. Distinguish the degree of stretch

silicone sexdolls can be stretched three to five times according to different formulas. And TPE dolls can be stretched 6-8 times. Therefore, the TPE soft rubber has better traction and more extreme movements. If the silicone doll is not cared for properly, it can tear easily.

4. Distinguish from weight

Silicone dolls with the same volume are heavier than TPE dolls. Specific gravity depends on manufacturer's craftsmanship and liner level. We bbdoll update the special weight loss technology, all of our silicone sex dolls weigh over 30% less than other silicone doll brands.
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5. Distinguish from price

The raw material price of silicone sex doll is several times higher than that of TPE doll, and silicone doll is also much more expensive than TPE doll. TPE soft rubber dolls can be purchased for hundreds of dollars, while silicone dolls generally cost tens of thousands of dollars.

6. Distinguish from anti-aging

Silicone sex dolls are resistant to high temperature, low temperature, acid and alkali; Except for highly corrosive objects, silicone dolls hardly react with substances. TPE soft rubber dolls are not resistant to high temperatures, and their anti-aging properties are not as good as silicone products.

7. Scent difference

Silicone sex dolls generally have no smell, and TPE sex dolls smell more or less like chemical rubber or added fragrances. If the doll smells good, it is recommended not to start using it, as it may cause an allergic reaction to fragrances.
So, if economic conditions allow, try to choose silicone sex dolls. If you want to choose TPE sex dolls, try to choose products from well-known brands. The price is relatively high, but the quality is better and it is convenient to use. Whether it is a silicone doll or a TPE doll, as long as it is a product made by a conventional manufacturer, it can be guaranteed in terms of safety.

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