Are sex dolls worth it? An honest answer

Sind Sexpuppen es wert? Eine ehrliche Antwort

Best silicone sex doll

Because of this price, you could take a step back from buying a life-size sex doll. Don't worry immediately. You're here to answer all the questions so you can decide... are sex dolls worth the money?

You're thinking of getting your very first sex doll.

But... a website stops you: the steep price.

Life-size sex dolls cost AT LEAST a lot of money. Really good and realistic ones, especially if you customize them, can easily reach higher prices.

And you're far from even knowing if you'd really like it, if it matters!

As mine ordered my first sex doll, I had the same concerns. But since then I've been getting my collection expanded.

From one sex doll enthusiast to theirs, I will share my thoughts, experiences and guides on these "love dolls" via you.
1. You know exactly what to expect from the doll.

Most people get a sex doll with the intention of enhancing masturbation - others for society. Regardless of which team you're on (or both), you need to set your expectations. A puppet is cold-blooded, lifeless and unresponsive. Your empty eyes staring into nothing might even startle you. Once you get past that weirdness, you'll start appreciating it for what it is: a rubber dildo. It's like having a wife who can do whatever you please. Explore your deepest, kinkiest fantasies. Want to try Impact Play? Experiment with flogging, caning, and caning without the need for safewords.

Do you have 1 furry fetish? Dress them up in a cat girl costume. Those don't have to worry about a policeman knocking on your door at 2am and handcuffing you.

2. So... are sex dolls worth it? Are they any good?
It depends on how many times you are going to use them
The frequency with which you use sex dolls is a double-edged sword.

With the intention of making the most of that money of course you should use it as much as possible. Why invest thousands of dollars when you can just let them gather dust in the corner of your room?

Sex dolls don't say no. Again and again, flowers, courtship or foreplay are unnecessary.

She's ready whenever you are.

In fact, most men admit to using their sex dolls several times a week (loudly, at least this Reddit thread).


Sex dolls don't clean themselves. That will be YOUR job.

And you must do it after the Clean after use (for hygiene reasons).

If you don't have the time, energy, or space to bathe and shower the doll every time you use her, plan when be a sexy working time with her.

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