Important notes when your girl (sex doll) comes home the most realistic silicone sex dolls

Important hints when your girl comes home

Silicone doll BDSM

When you get your beloved silicone sex doll, look at her beautiful body and face, do you want to have sex with her immediately?

Of course I want to take a shot with her every day, but it also requires careful maintenance to last longer and it is possible that it lasts more than 10 years.

PS: Unlike TPE doll, it will be broken in 1-2 years at most.

So what can I do to make my silicone sex doll last longer? Let's look at the following.

Precautions after buying silicone sex dolls


1.If you just received the doll:

Due to the cold weather in winter, after customers in northern or high-altitude areas receive silicone sex dolls, it is strongly recommended to leave them indoors for a day before unpacking to reduce the temperature difference and air pressure difference, because our company near is the Tropic of Cancer, and it is still almost 20 degrees. The temperature difference is large, it is strongly recommended to put it indoors for 24 hours before opening the box.

It is highly recommended to add the option to the doll to stand without nails. Silicone sex dolls without a nail-free stand option have very soft feet. It is not recommended to stand for a long time, preferably no more than 15 minutes. Also make sure to stand in a "human" form, with even force both feet, not one foot supporting and the other side is not burdened. This situation can easily cause the doll's feet to pierce from the weight of the whole body so be careful.

2. Open the box and you will find:

1 x silicone body, 1 x silicone head, 1 x pair of gloves, 1 x cleaning pot, 1 x comb, 1 x free random outfit and 1 x male god gift bag.

In the gift bag, we are giving away a spree containing condoms, hand powder, lubricant, erotic lingerie, vaginal douche, heating rod, bottle of A\B glue and a test silicone block.


  • The hand powder is used to improve the hand feel. After bathing, gently dry the doll with a soft towel, and then apply the hand powder evenly to the doll's entire body. The doll will feel better and more slippery after dusting.
    After use, you can put it in the Supermarket or go to Amazon to buy baby powder. Baby friends recommend Johnson & Johnson Corn Powder, which smells great.
  • Vaginal douches are used to flush the vagina of sex dolls; Order You can also flush directly with a thin hose.
  • The heating rod is used to heat the sex doll's vagina, is connected to USB and has a harmless voltage of 5V. (It feels useless if you have to wait 20 minutes for lovemaking to warm up.🤣)
  • Bottle of Glue A\B is used to repair silicone. Silicone dolls are very afraid of sharp objects such as knives. Even if they are damaged don't worry, just mix the glue in a 1:1 ratio and apply to the damaged area and let it sit. It was back to normal in 5 hours.
  • The test silicon block is used to test if the clothes are dyed.Note: dress the doll, try to avoid dark colors, if you like dark clothes, the method is as follows:
    • The doll wears a white or flesh-colored clothing base and then wears dark clothing;
    • Before putting the clothes on the silicone doll, soak them in warm water for 15-30 minutes to see whether the color has faded. If the color fading is serious, do not wear it on the baby. Scrub and dry them after slight fading , and then wrap the test silicone block with clothes and press for 30 minutes. Do not wear silicone dolls if they are colored. It can be worn by the baby without dyeing, but should not be worn for a long time, and it is not recommended to wear it for more than a week.

Beispiel Langzeitlagerung

Example long-term storage*

3. How to install silicone doll head?

Silikonkopf Installieren

This is the base of the silicone head, the M16 adapter has been installed, just snap it onto the base of the body and it's done.

But be careful that the end of the thread is screwed onto the head carving, and the screw should not be screwed to the end, otherwise the length of the other end is not enough and the installation will be unstable.

4. How to take care of the silicone doll's hair?

  • How to wear a wig on a silicone doll?

There are two fixed straps on the wig. After putting the wig on the silicone doll, fasten the straps behind the head.

  • How to take care of hair transplant?

Hair transplants do not need to be washed frequently, just wash them when they feel dirty, usually once every 2-3 months depending on individual circumstances. Do not scrub your hair when you wash your hair, otherwise it will be difficult to manage after tangling. The temperature of the cleaning water should not exceed 40 degrees, only warm water.

Combing wigs It is easier to comb the hair with a wide comb, and it is better to treat it with hair oil.

Ada Haar pflegen

5. How to clean the silicone doll body?

  • Silicone dolls can be rinsed with water or bathed with shower gel;
  • It is best to let the silicone doll sit on a stool or lie down, do not let her skin touch dirt, and the metal base should not touch water, it will rust.

6. How to care for a silicone doll after a bath?

  • After the silicone doll takes a bath, dry it with a soft towel, and then apply baby powder. The slippery feeling is very good.
  • After rinsing the vagina clean, the drying sticks bought online can be inserted into the vagina to keep it dry and hygienic for the next use.

7. The silicone doll's eyeballs can be adjusted, and the eyes can be adjusted up and down by gently pressing the eyeballs left and right.

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Want to know more about silicone dolls?

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