Anime Sex Dolls

What are anime sex dolls?

Anime and hentai are popular and well known for their animated porn. In anime, the characters and plot are fascinating and people easily get addicted to it. Her crazy popularity among millions of people led to the introduction of anime love dolls. These are adult toys that perfectly replicate the highly attractive features of the anime characters. The anime sex dolls are based on the characters shown in fictional stories. These dolls replicate the female body parts and face. With a cute anime sex doll, you can bring all the wildest male fantasies to life. After all, these are the most realistic dolls on the market. They look so realistic that they can even be found in Japanese brothels, where visitors purposely spend time with dolls instead of actual prostitutes.

Anime sex dolls are sex toys that look exactly like female characters from anime movies and hentai. They look like very attractive female figures and are guaranteed to encourage wild sexual fantasies. They also tend to look very realistic.

You are welcome to our anime world, where we present you the most erotic and enchanting sex dolls from the manga category.

As an anime fan, you've probably wondered what it's like to sleep with a manga sex doll. Just answer the question yourself and get involved in an intense sex experience with your favorite manga character.

How are hentai sex dolls different from other sex dolls?

The anime style was popularized by Japan. For this reason, they are also known as Japanese anime sex dolls. These dolls are based on anime characters and have big, captivating eyes. The eyes are found to be extremely expressive and this helps people connect with the character.

Unlike other sex dolls, hentai sex dolls have massive asses and breasts. This has led to an attraction to these characters. These dolls have erogenous zones and genitals like real people. Since anime dolls are fantasized like their characters, they are considered a much better option compared to regular sex dolls.

Also, hentai is associated with rough sex scenes that are not usually found in porn. Hence, hentai sex dolls give people the confidence to explore a variety of their sexuality. Hentai porn disguises wild sex under the innocence and cuteness of anime characters. For this reason, many anime sex dolls are in school uniforms.

Types of animelove dolls

There are many different types of anime sex dolls that can be categorized by body proportions, clothing, or height. However, most of them are designed to fulfill hentai fantasies. So the life size anime sex dolls can be distinguished by the following fantasy type:

  • Lolicon – This is hentai anime porn focused on post pubescent, adolescent or pre pubescent girls that can be both straight and gay. As such, the anime sex dolls wear school uniforms and other age-appropriate clothing. But they have great fortune.
  • Catgirl - This is a hentai anime in which the females exhibit feline characteristics. So, these silicone anime sex dolls have big breasts and asses, as well as cattails, cat ears and whiskers.
  • Bakunyu - This is an anime genre that focuses on women with exceptionally large breasts. The anime sex dolls designed to feed Bakunyu fantasies come with breasts exploding.

Moreover, hentai sex dolls can be distinguished by hair color.The unique bright anime hair colors are not chosen at random. Each color has a unique meaning and suggests a special personality, such as:

  • Yellow - Yellow hair means the anime sex doll is based on a character who is popular, sexy, confident and a man who is appealing.
  • Green - Green hair means the silicone anime sex doll is an intelligent, kind and cute anime character, capable of forming deep bonds.
  • Orange - Orange hair means optimistic, unpredictable, loyal and spirited. But you can also be someone who wants to be the center of attention.
  • Pink - Pink hair refers to anime characters that are helpful, cheerful, childish, cute and very romantic. You have an innocent streak.
  • Red - Anime characters with red hair are dominant, headstrong, loud, confident, and hasty. They are also passionate lovers.