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Honey, we have new arrived sex dolls for you!

Silicone sex dolls are just like the other sex dolls, but if you want your doll to have personality or be closer to reality, these are the best option. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to life characters, they are much more than fiction. They look like a certain celebrity you have a crush on, a porn star, or they might have the characteristics of a race or ethnicity. Below is a better description of other types of realistic sex dolls for you.

  • Celebrity Sex Dolls: If you've always had the crazy fantasy of having a hot moment with some actors or artists, celebrity sex dolls are for you. They are designed to look like real life celebrities, given a similar name and created with the perfect image of their body shapes.
  • Pornstar Sex Dolls: Similar to celebrity dolls, pornstar sex dolls are designed to look like your favorite porn stars. If you ever have a crush on a porn star, your sexual fantasy can come true with porn star love dolls.
  • Asian sex dolls: These are the sex dolls that resemble and have Asian features. Asian sex dolls have larger and captivating eye sizes. Some have fuller breasts and fuller asses. They can be classified into Japanese sex dolls, anime sex dolls and hentai sex dolls. They may be based on Amian (Asian) fantasies and have light-colored hair such as gray, blue, or pink. They can arise with or without vibrating features to enhance the sexual experience.
  • Black sex dolls: Ebony gods and goddesses could be your fetish. With the black sex dolls it is possible to have the muscular black basketball player or a sexy black skinned diva. Their skin color makes them very special as they are filled with darker shades than normal love dolls. The color palette ranges from light brown to coffee brown to anthracite.
  • Latina sex dolls: The latina lovers don't miss out on the sex doll party. Want a latina for yourself, latina sex dolls have got you covered. With her glowing sunset skin tone and bouncy hair type, you can satisfy your sexual hunger with soft (and realistic) Latina love dolls. There are black-haired, brown-haired, and red-haired dolls.
  • European sex dolls: Europeans have always had a sexy touch. Your hair, skin color, eyes and lips are all unique and it's no surprise why this could be someone's fantasy. A European sex doll has all the components that you would want in a typical European lady or man. They are made from durable and lifelike materials to keep the imagination realistic. Her hair color ranges from black, gray, brown, gold, red, and more.