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*Shin-Etsu Japan is the sole supplier of the silicone material used by Joybbdoll.

Platinum Silicone

1. What is platinum silicon?

Silicone is an odorless, colorless polymer composed primarily of silicon found naturally in sand, quartz and rock. It is flexible, tough and can withstand high temperatures.

Platinum silicone is a type of silicone that uses only platinum (precious metal) as a catalyst, which, among the other properties of silicone, increases its quality. This is the ideal material for making molds or products that come into contact with food. The safety and quality of each of its components also make platinum silicone the ideal material for baby bottle teats or surgical materials for hospitals.

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2. Is platinum silicone really safe for food use?

Platinum silicone is food safe because its unique properties make it perfect for use in the kitchen, both in the oven and in the microwave. It leaves no residue and does not alter the taste of food. Thanks to the properties of platinum silicone, all food is cooked evenly.

Although the price of platinum silicone is more than twice that of TPE, for the sake of customers' health, we'd rather waive the cost and only use the best for customers!

3. How is the quality of the platinum silicone and Joybbdoll products guaranteed?

Joybbdoll buys its platinum silicone under the strict manufacturing controls that guarantee compliance with the most restrictive regulations for products in direct contact with food from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France and the USA.

All Joybbdoll products are regularly analyzed by independent laboratories to confirm that they are safe for use in food.

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4. Is the silicone doll safe to use?

Sex with Joybbdoll platinum silicone dolls is completely safe; They have no chemical odor and no mineral oil. All products comply with qualitative, technical and design specifications that guarantee a long lifespan.

In addition, Joybbdoll works with professional models to design each product to ensure perfect functionality and ergonomics.

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5. What is the maximum temperature that the platinum silicon can withstand?

Products made with platinum silicone can withstand high temperatures: -60°C and 220°C. Its versatility and ability to withstand high temperatures make it safe for use in extreme environments.

6. Is Platinum easy to clean?

Platinum silicone repels water and germs, thus guaranteeing maximum food hygiene and safety in addition to easy care.