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About Joybbdoll

Joybbdoll Chinese name Chunshuitang (CST Doll) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of super simulation beauty art collections, super simulation high-end models and artificial intelligence robots.
Through the domestic top body sculpture artists, digital artists, traditional sculptures and 3D digital modeling perfect combination, from mud-like sculptures to the color of the finished product, we pay attention to every detail and accept private customized services.
The product uses Liquid Food-grade platinum silicone, and the bones are made of alloys and engineering plastics (which mimic ergonomics to develop full-body joints to the extreme, including every finger joint). Exquisite modeling at the highest level, real value for money, only you can not imagine, can not do without us!


Joybbdoll was born in 2016 and focuses on premium silicone sex dolls.

Our mission is to make companion robots that everyone can afford.

Deep cultivation in technology and design in the last 5 years, we can produce more than 50+ kinds of silicone Provide sex dolls and produce more than 3000 sex dolls every month.

Different from ordinary sex toys, the production threshold of silicone doll is particularly high: there are only 5 or 6 factories in China at present. In 2016, Joybboll started to break into the silicone sex doll industry and it took a year to never know how to do it. After that, it took another three years before the work was good enough, only in May of this year satisfactory products were made and decided to officially launch. To make silicone dolls, Joybbdoll also opened a 1,000-square-meter R&D factory and an 8,000-square-meter production factory just to refine the products and make super products.

At the same time, good-looking and realistic is the selling point of silicone dolls, and it is actually quite difficult to make good-looking from head to body. Therefore, spends 6 hours on face makeup and uses up to 4 layers of composite permanent makeup technology to make the silicone doll's appearance more perfect and realistic after makeup. Regarding the body makeup, it takes 9 hours for the silicone doll with 7-layer composite permanent makeup technology to get real skin tone and skin feel clearly visible.

Most silicone dolls on the market have the same body contact, and it is difficult to give users the most realistic feedback. And this is exactly where the differentiated advantage of Chunshuitang lies. Different parts bring different feel to user. All research and development are aimed at making the user experience more realistic. This is also the result of four years of research and development of Joybbdoll.

From R&D to now, Joybbdoll has gone through 12 generations of technological innovation, scrapped more than 5,000 doll patterns and made more than 60 products, and finally only 30 models were mass-produced; it only offers customers the ultimate revolutionary experience.


Best quality standard

We only produce silicone sex dolls and only the best is good enough for our customers! So that we can guarantee this, we check the quality of the sex dolls and toys from our manufacturers on site every year.

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We offer free worldwide shipping The price on BBDoll is the final price. no kidding!


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Discrete packaging

We declare the product as mannequin to protect your privacy. Your doll will be packed in a carton as below. No one knows what's in the box but you!

Factory Direct

Joybbdoll is a professional sex doll and sale shop. we have more than 11 years of export experience.

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High quality sex dolls, CE, FDA, RoHS certified dealers.

All together bringing our customers the most affordable perfect Liquid Platinum silicone dolls!


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