Joybboll sex doll delivery policy

We offer free worldwide sex doll shipping. (in the EU including customs clearance and VAT as well as processing) and discreet, confidential shipping. Please check the details below:

Joybbdoll Free Worldwide Shipping!

We offer free worldwide shipping. The price on Joybbdoll is the final price. no kidding!

Joybbdoll delivery & shipping time


Production time**



Standard Puppet

3-7 business days **

5 business days*

2-3 weeks*

Custom Doll

4-7 business days**

5 business days*

3-4 weeks*

The above estimated time applies if your order is a full size doll.

**Bespoke to order. This is an approximate time, which may be shorter or longer. (Exceptions are possible).

*Regarding Europe, if you want us to pre-clear import duty and VAT for you. Status will NOT be updated until shipment lands in UK or Germany.

Sex doll delivery time will be longer than average if you choose this option.

This is completely normal and applied by all European sellers.



US & Canada

5 business days

*Europe (UK, Scandinavia, Western Europe)

4-7 business days

Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.)

2-3 business days

Australia & New Zealand

5-8 business days

Eastern Europe & South America

5-10 business days

*Regarding Europe, if you want us to pre-declare import duty and VAT for you. The status will NOT be updated until the shipment lands in the Netherlands.*

Joybbdoll import duties, taxes and VAT.

For EU customers, Joybbdoll provides a service to help our customers prepay import duties. Therefore, shipments arrive at your doorstep and your local custom will not bother you. We find this important so that you can receive the shipment in the shortest possible time and the import duty can be reduced. This service only applies if your order is for a full size doll. If your order is a doll head and/or accessories, we can not prepay import duties for you and local customs may collect duty upon arrival.

Import duty and VAT clearance services are ONLY available for customers in the EU, Scandinavia and Asia. We cannot provide the service if you are not in the above region.

Just select the region when you add your doll to the shopping cart, you will be shown an amount.

* To process your tax refund, You MUST send the receipt within 3 months of receiving your shipment. Any receipts or invoices received later will NOT BE ACCEPTED for tax refund.

*For Europe, if you would like us to pre-declare import duty and VAT for you, the status will NOT be updated until the shipment lands in the UK or Germany.

This is completely normal and applied by all European sellers.



*European Union, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, Eastern Europe and Japan

We will help you to declare import duty and VAT in advance

USA and Asia

No import duty

Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others

Customs may charge import duties when the doll arrives. Keep the receipt and we'll refund you 50% of it.

*This service only applies if your order is a full size doll. If your order is a doll head and/or accessories, we are unable to prepay any import duties for you and local customs may collect duties upon arrival.

*India and Middle East customs does not accept sex dolls. We can ship, but there is a 50% chance that the doll will be confiscated.

*If you have a special request, for example you want it delivered at a certain time on Saturdays or weekdays or you they want to collect from the local post office instead. Please leave a note during the ordering process. Usually, our sex doll delivery partner will call you to notify you before they arrive at your doorstep.

Joybbdoll shipping partner

We use FedEx, DHL or UPS. Once your doll is ready to ship, we will provide you with a tracking number so you can estimate the arrival date and time.

For dolls 140cm and under, we use EMS.

Discrete Joybbdoll packaging

We have years of experience in the adult industry. Your privacy is our top priority.

We declare the product as a mannequin to protect your privacy. Your doll will be packed in a carton as below. No one knows what's in the box but you!

Simple and solid Joybbdoll packaging

*Sex Doll secret packaging

Joybbdoll return and exchange


Because our products are considered adult toys and ancillary accessories under local law (US law). Adult toys cannot be returned under any circumstances, even if the items have not been opened or used.

The replacement

Your Sexy Sex Doll will be custom made to your chosen specifications. Once you place an order, we start production and your order cannot be canceled for any reason.

We perform a quality check on your dolls before we ship them to you. As such, your dolls are unlikely to be damaged or defective. However, in this case you will receive a defective product. We will provide you with all the necessary kits to help you repair the item. If the damage is serious, e.g. B. if the head is broken, please let us know. Depending on the situation, we may send you a new item.

If the item is damaged by misuse, you are not entitled to an exchange. You must use common sense and take care of the item to avoid damage to the product.

How does the replacement policy work?

Follow these steps to ensure you may have the right to keep a spare doll:

  1. Examine your doll from head to toe as soon as possible after it arrives.
  2. If you find an error in your order or a significant defect in your doll, report it to us at info@joybbdoll.com within 48 hours of receipt the details of the problem. We'll respond as soon as we can, and we'll take it from there.
  3. If you think a replacement might be fine, do not use your doll. Keep them in new and unused condition with the box and all packing materials.

We have the right to reject reports longer than 48 hours and we will not accept reports longer than 2 months.

The final decision on whether to return a replacement doll is subject to the decision of the manufacturer.

Replacement dolls are not eligible for a second replacement if damaged or otherwise defective. We provide all the necessary kits to help you repair the item.

According to local sex toy law, used sex dolls will not be accepted for exchange. If you are returning a used sex doll for any reason, we will immediately destroy the item and you will not be eligible for an exchange.