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silicone head

Over 50 kinds of silicone sex doll heads to choose from. Having a body and more sex doll heads is an inexpensive plan. Our head connecting part is standard and fits most sex doll bodies.
If you already have a sex doll, our sex doll heads give you more choices to enjoy different styles of women. If you come to us for the first time, you can test our product quality by checking our doll head.

  • Material: premium silicone
  • 50+ types of heads to choose from
  • Implanted hair, not a wig
  • Implanted eyebrows don't pull
  • Lifelike eyes, not plain
  • 4-layer makeup for realistic looks
  • The overall size is the same as most sex doll bodies on the market
  • One body + More minds, the most economical plan

What is a sex doll head?

You all know what a sex doll is. These are realistic dolls that are mainly used for sexual purposes. Such a concept allows the user to buy new sex doll heads and replace the old ones to give the doll a new look. There are also locks of hair, eyelashes, costumes, jewellery, cosmetics and special soaps for these dolls. Whatever the realistic sex doll head is, that plays an important role.

These heads have been designed with care and precision to ensure the best effect once attached to the doll. The price depends on the type of head you choose. The quality, the material used, the size and the equipment play a decisive role in deciding the price of the head. It's common to fantasize about a celebrity. You can now turn your normal looking sex doll into a celebrity image with a head replacement. Just bring home a celebrity sex doll head and replace the old one with this new addition.

How to buy a sex doll head?

Nowadays it is not difficult to get hold of a realistic silicone sex doll head. The online stores are much more convenient, but you need to understand that a real store is all you need. Pay close attention, peruse the testimonials, focus on the reviews, and make sure the best options for the process are being considered. You can opt for silicone sex doll heads which ensure longer lifespan.

It is especially important that the different size silicone heads fit different sized bodies. For example, some anime are suitable for petite bodies and some realistic silicone heads are suitable for larger bodies. Be sure to make the most suitable choice, especially for photography enthusiasts. The incongruity of the head can result in a poor look and feel, which in turn detracts from the interactive experience.

If you don't know how to choose, please contact our enthusiastic customer service, we will bring you a satisfactory shopping!

Implanted hair strand by strand, giving the most realistic appearance, never feel embarrassed about the wig falling off the doll's head.

Multi makeup and realistic face enhance the doll's head.

Please allow 25 days for your order to arrive. We receive many orders every day, so they are handcrafted one at a time. This means that sometimes you have to wait a little longer to receive your order, but it's always worth it!

All of our products are tailored to the needs of our customers. Orders can be canceled within 24 hours and a 5% transaction fee will be charged. Once we have started production, orders cannot be canceled for any reason. Otherwise 20% - 30% handling and restocking fee will be charged.

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Customer Reviews

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Alles top!!!

Hervorragend! Ich war so umgehauen, die erstaunliche Textur und das Gefühl.

Wunderbar Sexpuppe

Die Puppe, die ich erhalten habe, ist besser als das Bild, ich habe eine silberne Perücke erhalten, sie ist großartig, ich werde sie mit passenden Outfits kombinieren und ein Foto von ihr machen.

Alles top

Bin sehr zufrieden, tolles Produkt

Top 5 Sterne

Silikonkopf fühlt sich so real an!


Ich habe noch nie so einen schönen Silikonkopf gesehen, die Augäpfel lassen sich manuell bewegen, die Haartransplantation ist sehr schön

Höhen- und Gewichtstabelle

Die billigsten Silikon-Sexpuppen der Welt

promise of quality

Real touch feeling

Body softness technology: the breast is filled with 3 layers of different materials for extra softness, also the vagina is wrapped tightly like jelly.

Real body muscle texture

The different hardnesses distributed throughout the body make the doll's body closer to reality. Add soft breasts, soft buttocks, soft vagina and soft thighs to enhance the sex experience. The hardened hand is more durable and can be performed regardless of posing or holding things. The hardened feet ensure that the body can stand independently of steel nails for a long time (which can last 45 days), which is both beautiful and practical.

lightweight technology

Benefiting from lightweight engineering and strict quality control, our silicone dolls are more than 30% lighter than other brands. A 145 cm model weighs only 18 kg! ! !

New aluminum skeleton

43 movable joints, one hundred thousand joint wear tests, easy to safely simulate various postures.

Exquisite craftsmanship, ingenious manufacturing

By rotating your eyes to adjust the doll's point of view, you can adjust the direction of the gaze to your liking. Please appreciate the nuances of facial expressions.

Visible blood vessels details

It is a choice to highlight the transparent skin of the silicone love doll. Applying this vascular makeup reproduces realistic skin and body sensations and increases the sense of presence.

Guaranteed security
Non-toxic and tasteless

100% food grade silicone from Japan's Shin Etsu at the highest quality, safe and harmless with no impurities or odor. The most important thing is that it can be stored and used for a long time (5-10 years), unlike TPE sex dolls which can only be used for a maximum of 1-2 years.

no oil

The stable silicone structure keeps the doll body dry and tidy at all times, so you don't have to worry about the duvet and sheets getting dirty even if you lie on the bed for a long time.