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I am very satisfied with her

She looks so realistic,and feels wonderful

Outstanding doll head

Hair feels so realistic"implanted" included in the price, quality is outstanding if your looking for a low price with high quality its here. No regrets what so ever with purchase! 100% satisfied

Thanks Orn.

I asked for many customization and all of them were respected, as for others related object I bought from this store where perfect.

They're legit.

They're legit. She's actually better looking than the doll in the picture.

Good art than expected

I'm very satisfied. Good art than expected. We need the future of verification for durability , but the cost performance is also very good at the moment.

Long shipping time

Because I have customized a lot of items, it takes a long time to arrive. This is the only bad place.

After I received the product, there was a little wear and tear, and the skin felt peeling


Perfect. Exactly like the picture. This is my first silicone sex doll and I am totally happy. For the price, the product is amazing.

I am satisfied with the purchase.

All told us, and long-term communication with the seller. The selected model, option. Arrived about three weeks ago, everything is the same as described in terms of size. Two wigs, and other small things. The chest is elastic, this girl is really beautiful. . In any case, I am satisfied with the purchase.

I would recommend it highly

Overall this is probably one of the most unique toys I own. I would recommend it highly, especially if you are a breasts man! Really great toy for anyone who wants more than the average sleeve.

Product as described.

Product as described. Got it by shipment date! Will do biz again

This might be one of my favorite dolls now.

This might be one of my favorite dolls now.

Packing was good

Very nice doll,Packing was good, product is fine. I am have very happy, sure buy again. Regards

buy a bigger next time

Weight is enough material is very soft and very flexible size and live close to the realistic level done well received direct comparison with a very comfortable value the next time to buy a bigger

Just like the pictures

She looks amazing! Just like the pictures, but looks even better up close!

an awesome company

Just received my Doll today, she is exactly like in the picture but only better,she is soft and smooth. Very fast shipping, great communication,and an awesome company, thank you!!

realistic feel

Product arrived and I can confirm the product received matches the description given. Very clean, no fraying or loose materials. Added feature was the design appears to be with grip in mind, from multiple angles the grips on the sides and backs give you very realistic feel.

This is an amazing and fun one!

This is an amazing and fun one! The options are only limited to your imagination due to its weight and its feeling. I'd recommend it immensely. I have tried a good amount of products, but this one is amazing.

I want it but Im broke

I want it but Im broke

Absolutely incredible.

Absolutely incredible. It's life-like enough that I didn't even want for additional stimulus. It is a bit hard to handle as its softness and density make it awkward to lift but it had me satisfied, after a bit of maneuvering, within 30 minutes of arriving. Its also the cheapest of the dolls I've bought and also my favorite likely for some time to come. Pick this up before they raise the price as I feel it is more than worth it.

Feels like the real thing

Feels like the real thing best of all its ready and waiting you to fill him up when ever you need unlike your ex, real feel, tight nd smooth.. lube it up nd pound it out this ass will drain your balls nd yourll wanna keep going bc it feels so good.

like real flesh

The customer service from this company is exemplary. They do the right thing from start to finish to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. The doll is soft and feels like real flesh.

The quality is top notch.

The quality is top notch. I was very happy with the discreet packaging and it even came with lube. Had a quick test drive and I can highly recommend this.

That's how good it is

I felt very hesitant to get this because I've never had a good experience with these things. They're either too clunky or too stiff. This one is almost perfect. The texture is magical. It stands on its own, which is a super big plus because usually they're very soggy. The breasts are very perky and enjoyable. If I had a con, it would be the size. But it's so minimal that I don't really care. It's just a bit small. But I get the line of thinking. It's big enough that when you thrust into it the feeling is amazing. Other than that this thing is perfection. Trust me when I tell you that this item is one of a kind and you will never regret using it. You'll feel guilty it's almost as good as the real thing. Be sure to clean it thoroughly. Other than that, you will love every second you use it. When I tell you I used it 5-6 times on my first time, I'm not kidding. That's how good it is.


Price was great for an authentic CST(BB)doll. Shipping took a little longer than I was expecting with the pandemic but she finally arrived today. I must say perfect!!!! She is everything I expected and more. She came with many extra accessories that weren't listed so that was an excellent surprise. I had to contact customer service a couple of times more about review stating Awesome!hile placing my order and that was also a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a silicone doll to buy from Joybbdoll!!!!!